The Story of Atlantis

Is Atlantis a fact or simply a legend?

Legend:  When some hear of the name Atlantis, they simply think of a myth that was invented by Plato, a Greek philosopher.

Fact:  To others, Atlantis stirs up a whole story of the lost island where the first civilization existed.  Atlantis is known for being advanced in regards to technology and knowledge.  Unfortunately, the glorious island of Atlantis sank beneath the waves and still has not been located today.  There have been speculations that the lost civilization is located in the Caribbean, the North Pole, and even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  As of now, the location of the lost civilization vacillates and a final location has not been finalized.

Today there a dozens of theories interpreting the history and outcome of the island.

The Story of Sink City

We are now in present day and the location of Atlantis still has yet to be found.  Four eager voyagers, from Spain, Greece, Egypt, and Rome, set sail to discover the mysterious sunken city.  Coincidentally, they all find the city at the same time.  Legend has it known that there is a sacred stone within the city.  Catch is, the stone is extremely tough to find and would be impossible without having a map of the island as a guide.  The map will assist each person in his search to find the stone within Atlantis.  However, the city is locked and cannot be entered without a key.  Therefore, each adventurist must obtain the key to open and gain access into the city.  Once he is able to get into the city, the map will perfectly help navigate the person to the exact location of the key.